19-06-2020; Mersing ke Terengganu

This was the first day of my tour with no rain and more macet macet. Riding through the Endau area was especially amazing. Normally I take rest stop anywhere between 60 > 120 minutes, aiming for around 90 minutes. I think saddle time for this day was a solid > 8 hours.

This was the first sector where I really noticed the wildlife roaming around. Cattle, goats, monitor lizards, wild pigs and giant evil looking monkeys with fricken lazers strapped to their heads!

Several locals warned me once, twice, many times – take it easy on this stretch due to the wildlife.
Passing through Endau – very pretty. I think it was here I started to see “Awas Gajah” roadsigs. Alas I never saw wild Gajah, only signs of wild Gajah in the form of their poo…
Typical beachside scenery all the way past Terengganu. Cant recall where I stopped for this one.
Rest stop at Kampung in Pekan for Satay dan Kopi panas!
Most cattle in Malaysia is bound to no fenced paddock – Metallica style – forever I may roam! For riders must be careful, especially around corners and post humps in the road. Cattle crossing or grazing by the side is very common.
Cherating beach – awesome private campsite here I’ll take my daughters to soon!
Arrived to final stop for the day Terengganu – 18 Boutique Hotel Terengganu – great place to stay for bikers!

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