20-06-2020; Exploring Tasik Kenyir Lake

The ride from Terengganu township across Tasik Kenyir lake was amazing! Just be watchful for the wildlife and the varying road quality. While there are many roadworks crews conducting maintenance, there are many areas of potholes and gravel to be wary of.

Again no Wild Gajah sighing 🙁

Along the North West side of the like towards Chiku has limited cell phone coverage – FYI.

Best Roti Cenai with Ayam curry at Kenyir Lake jetty!

An Auspicious start to the day – opening the blinds of my room to look outside after awakening, I spotted this black Kuching perched on the rooftop – which turned around and looked straight at me.
Nice stretch of road to ride
Cantik Ya?!
Rest & water stop!
Still hoping to see wild Gajah!
Closed – not even sure if its ever open to public. But nice to rest in the driveway – watch out for the killer ants !!
Bridge over the Lake Kenyir Tasik
Killer ants live here – be careful….
when you search in google maps within the lake Tasik Kenyir area, there are 3 locations relating to elephant conservation. This was the second place I found – which looks to be long abandoned…
While heading to lake Tasik Kenyir jetty, I noticed a well made ashphalt track heading off the main road. I followed it only to find about 1km inwards it was impassable due to land slide.

Later searching on google maps I found the track actually extends for about another 1km towards the lake. Looks like if you could get to the end, the lake would be another 500m walk from the track. Probably a really good fishing spot.

As for fishing – I decided to ditch my fishing gear later this night. No way was I going to find the time for fishing on this journey…
The 3rd and final Elephant conservation area – again closed!
En route to Morang Jetty – fantastic roads. Beware of the cattle!!!
What a pleasant surprise – seeing my monsters who were also travelling in the same town that night 🙂
Final stop – dinner & beer time! Sadly I don’t recall the name of this place – but the food and staff were awesome. It was in Terengganu China Town, located just past the double dragon archway.

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