21-06-2020; Terengganu ke Kota Baru

This was the toughest sector of this tour. While there was no high speed stretches or twisting, turning roads – mentally this took everything out of me. The heat, traffic, road dust, road works, road obstacles, cars & trucks heading straight towards me on the wrong side of the road – it was all very tiring. Even though distance wise it was ~200 km, I still spent a solid 7 hours in the saddle this day.

I always slow down when going through each Kampung. Aside from the goats, chickens and cattle that roam freely – children also play alongside the road and can be very unpredictable. I cant tell you how many people travel at high speed through these single lane roads in the middle of each Kampung in their cars and bikes, with children playing ball just off to the side – please please please take care going through these places.

This was my least favorable sector during the whole tour. I have more to say about this sector at a later date. For now that is it. I’d even contemplated turning back to KL on the main freeway and ending the whole tour early.

But i’m so glad I didn’t, as the next day was the best riding of the whole tour 🙂

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