18-06-2020; Johor Baru ke Mersing

The morning started off with sunshine in Puteri Harbour, followed by rain while passing the bridge onwards to Benut, followed by more rain to Felda Tenggaroh followed by no rain to Mersing and Air Papan. The vegetation surrounding the road North of Air Papan reminded me of the vegetation you see in Australia coastal routes where bushland / Forrest is near by. Very pretty.
Desaru long jetty – nice small fishing Kampung. Had coffee here with another motorcyclist while waiting for the rain to ease. Nice area to have picnic.
Sedil – I noticed nice places for beach play here!
While you must be very careful riding through the winding roads surrounded by jungle (animals / oncoming traffic etc), there are plenty of stretches for long, excellent quality, open roads where you can let loose. The Malaysian government are doing a good job of keeping these roads maintained.
Tanjung Leman Jetty – Rest stop here
After a morning of riding wet & hot from the rain – I cant tell you how happy I was to find a KFC in one of the last places I’d expected – Tanjung Leman Jetty!
Wearing my custom Jersey from Motomaniacs Malaysia Rawang – thanks Kev!!
Final stop for the day – Air Papan. Awesome Goreng Pisang from the local stores here!!
Dinner at a yellow house recommended (thanks Ibrohim for the recommendation!)
Seafood Nasi Kampung – very nice!
Not 1, but 2 hungry Kitty!!!

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