22-06-2020; Kota Baru ke Kuala Perlis

This day was the most enjoyable riding so far for this whole trip. Not so much traffic, high quality well maintained roads, absolutely amazing site seeing, wonderful food and people I met along the way. I have to say this whole sector is one of the most beautiful spots of Malaysia, especially the area of Kuala Perlis – just stunning.
Standing in Rantau Panjang – across the river is Thailand. Just a short swim away. This is the closest I will get to Thailand for now due to the COVID-19 situation. Looking forward to when the borders open.

Lots of vehicles with Thai license plates around this area.
Mid morning makan dan minum, just outside the Jeli township. One of the tastiest meals I had the whole tour – fish with vegetables and rice. Can definitely recognise the Thai influence with this dish.
Typical countryside along the Malaysia / Thailand border – quite a difference to the seaside flora down south. No rain for this sector.
Amazing how this big rock just stands out on its own!
Titiwangsa rest stop!
En route through the Belum mountain climb towards Gerik
Another Kawasaki rider. He has the Ninja 650. Same side by side twin cylinder engine as my Versys 650 – however each are tuned differently. Ninja 650 is tuned for more power at high rev’s, Versys 650 tuned for more torque at lower rev’s.
For washing – I was hand washing shirts and underclothes by hand each night (you can see my orange shirt here). To dry – I simply placed them under the elastic net holding my backpack down, so the wet clothes had direct exposure to heat and UV from the sun and wind. It was quite effective, I always had fresh smelling clothes 🙂
Town after passing the Belum mountains. Still showing same landscape as in the mountains, just now with houses and other things one finds in surburbia…
Final destination for this sector – Kuala Perlis. What a beautiful area, so pleasant and peaceful riding through here.
One thing I noticed throughout this tour are people tend to be very interested in big bikes travelling through and will often come out to talk, ask questions and tell stories of their own big bikes. In some places I had mothers stop and ask if they can take photo of their children sitting on the bike. In other places, people passing by my bike parked would stop and take photo’s in front of it while I sit far away having my coffee or food…

I had young kids riding their 125 CC bikes come up and ride beside me in different places – big smiles and thumbs up. And its not because i’m foreigner – with my visor down, you cant see who is riding. I believe people really are fascinated by big bikes. I wonder why that is….

The licensing system here in Malaysia is slightly different to that in Australia. In Australia, for L & P license, you must have bike < 250 CC (or greater than 250 CC but under certain power to weight ratio. For example – there is the Versys 650 model in Australia specifically for L & P license – however Kawasaki tune the engine to less power and physically restrict how far you can twist the throttle).

Here in Malaysia, there is Category B “super bike” license, > 500 CC – which you can do the L & P training straight away on. So that is why I have P license on > 500 CC bike.

I guess the system here puts the onus back to the rider & common sense prevails.

The licensing course itself is similar to Australia. Theory followed by a series of practical training and progression from L to P. Once I convert my Australian driving license to Malaysian license, I should be automatically off my P.

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  1. I love your photos and content! All about hidden gems of Malaysia. Really interesting. Also lots of kittens! 😺

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