Airborne after 18 month hiatus!

It’s been approximately 18 months since I’ve had the opportunity to fly. For reasons out of any one person’s control – our local aero club in Kuala Lumpur now has one plane online, with another coming soon.

With strict RMCO procedures in place (RMCO = recovery movement control order) it was time to practice my own style of social distancing – 1500ft high

Pre takeoff checks – Cessna 172N. Ultra reliable & no frills. Akin to the manual transmission car lots of us learned to drive on, everything is manual – perfect for honing good airmanship.

18 months with no flying – while a little rusty to begin with, soon felt comfortable being in this environment again.

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East of Kuala Lumpur City, above the Royal Selangor Golf Club. Lumpur air traffic control is SFC > 1500 ft, above that is KLIA approach. So generally we only gain clearance to 1500 ft – which is quite fine in most cases since weather in general prohibits flying much above 2000 ft anyhow.

No class G airspace in Malaysia – its all controlled – which works well for me. The air traffic controllers are alert and supportive and with not so much general aviation traffic, its like having the freedom of class G, with the added safety of being active on someone’s radar screen.

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