27-06-2020; Pulau Langkwai ke Pulau Pinang

Saturday 26th June – spent the morning exploring around the island. Found this pleasant Marina area with this amazing lighthouse. The whole thing was hand made with each stone individually chosen according to its ability to fit with the other stones to build a sturdy, formidable structure.

I like this analogy – we can apply the same to other parts of our work and personal life. At work for example – team diversity is not about race, color, gender – its about engineering your team to have the right mix of technical expertise, business acumen and interpersonal skill which work complementary to others in the team – which together form something bigger than each individual combined. Something that I started to pick up on during my military training… and sadly an art which is becoming quickly lost in this day and age.
Atop Gunung Raya. Sad to see the tourist centre and viewing tower are closed to public, but stunning views all the same. Was a nice climb up the mountain – the usual monkeys & low hanging branches. Since the road is rarely used, it is quite slippery in sections due to the moss – so take it easy!

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