First flight to Pulau Pangkor

Pulau Pangkor, situated only kilometer’s off the Malaysia West coast, was historically home to fishermen, attracted its fair share of foreign interest in the 1700’s & 1800’s from the Dutch, British and others.  Today you can still see remains of a Dutch fort and other historically significant artifacts representative of this era.  Wikipedia gives a great overview here; Pangkor Island – Wikipedia

Today Pulau Pangkor has a mix of aquiculture, fishing & other local enterprises – where I’d even say aspects of another time are preserved here.  Well worth taking the time to visit and explore.

Wikipedia quotes Pulau Pangkor as a mere 3 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur….. ROFLMAO to that.  Having drove it once, I can say it was > 4 hours – and that’s without the Ferry ride from West Malaysia Peninsula to the island itself.

However by Cessna 172 its approximately 50 minute flight give or take.

With ICAO identification of WMPA, Pulau Pangkor is one of the many STOL fields maintained by Malaysia Airports to maintain air transport connectivity to locations where accessibility can be a challenge.

Landing and Take Off from Pulau Pangkor here; 

Below shot is taken approaching Pangkor – you can see Pangkor in the distance beyond the power station.

Approaching Pangkor

West of Pulau Pangkor – heading south en route back to Subang.  The main township is situated in the centre of the island, while remainder is dense jungle – which I’ll explore another time after MCO.

Pangkor West
Over the sea

Over the sea – with Sumatra to the left.  Can you spot the fishing boat(s)?!


This is how agriculture looks in West Malaysia Peninsula from 1500ft during the wet season – absolutely stunning countryside!

Flight complete – landing Taxi back to the hanger at Subang Airport.

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