Kuala Lumpur KLCC flight – with mystery passenger :-)

Aircraft prepped, ready for today’s navigational exersise from Subang, KLCC, Kuala Selangor then returning to Subang down Malaysia Peninsula West coast.

My special mystery passenger yet to board the aircraft.  


Full movie here.  This was my first attempt at recording Cockpit audio, which turned out better than I expected.

Matty B

My mystery passenger turns out to be a mate who lives in Singapore whom i’ve been promising to take flying for years now.

But how do I take a mate from Singaore for a flight in Malaysia – while Interstate and International borders are closed??  I’d break a few rules for sure if I flew myself down to Singapore to pick him up.

Well tuns out the answer is pretty easy – colour pretty picture printout taped to the passenger seat, along with GoPro to document the flight.  He looks pretty stoked to come along and even bought his own beer traveller!

Pre-flight completed, ATC clearance obtained and we are on our way.  While the weather on ground looked fine, we soon discover haze North of Kuala Lumpur will prevent us completing the planned flight in VFR.  So we make an orbit of KL City Area and return to Subang

After takeoff
Kuala Lumpur

KL Towers and Batu Caves in the horizon

Batu Caves

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