Kuala Selangor day tripping

Leaving Seri Kembangan at 10am, I jump straight to E9 Lebuhraya realising i’ve left it a little too late in the day and will be facing most of the 150km journey in full sun.  I was expecting  the worst – but then with clouds setting in and the threat of rain, I wondered then if i’d be facing 150km of riding in the rain – this is Malaysia – sunny in the morning, raining in the afternoon!

Skirting around the West side of Kuala Lumpur, through Damansara then North to Sungai Buloh, I notice less traffic than normally expected, i’m guessing because of MCO.  While not so good for the economy, it makes for a more relaxed ride.

Bukit Melawati

Breaking off away from the city traffic onto the E25, I pick up the pace and head due West straight for the coast.  The roads are smooth & full of other like minded riders in convey heading the same way.  Riding through the vast fields of palm plantation & various other agricultural lands – eventually I start to pick up the scent of sea air as I get closer to the coast.

Once I hit the coast line, its only a short stretch North until reaching Kuala Selangor township.  I stop at Auntie Foo’s for coffee and food before having a look around.

Auntie Foo
Sight from another world

After lunch, a short stroll around town really showed me a vibrant community that has maintained the essence of its past, with many sites of interest to explore.  I could easily spend a whole day in this area, but alas I only have several hours to spend between searching for street art and scouting around for points of interest for another day.


Above is a typical riverside landscape – a seaside community supporting what once I’m sure was a bustling fishing community.  Below are some vessels stuck in low tide and to the right – more street art showing the heritage of this town. 

Bukit Melawati is a hill, with a fort constructed in the 1700’s under command of the Sultan of Selangor to fend off attack from the Dutch.  Towards the later part of 1700’s, Dutch eventually captured the fort and built this light house.  Then some years later, the fort was re-captured by the Sultan of Selangor.  Today it is a nice location to tour and inspect what remains of the Fort.

After my sight seeing, I refuel and head back to Seri Kembangan, but this time taking a de-tour via Rawang, through some of the palm plantations.  While the palm plantation roads make nice scenic riding, I find it tiring due to the narrow lanes, oncoming traffic and various animals along the way.

I roll into Seri Kembangan just as the sky turns black and the rain begins, completing another satisfying adventure.

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